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Galium odoratum (72 cells)

Trays: 4
A low-growing creeping groundcover with small white flowers in spring. Prefers moist shade, but tolerates some sun. Rich green, lance-shaped, fragrant foliage is used in potpourri.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72...

Heuchera Obsidian (72 cells) PP14836

Trays: 0
Satiny jet-black leaves, the perfect backdrop to make flowers pop. The standard against which all black forms are measured.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name: Coral bells  USDA...

Heucherella Buttered Rum (72 cells) PP25040

Trays: 11
Deeply cut leaves emerge caramel-colored, maturing to a burnished deep rose red in cool weather. Dainty white flower spikes in summer. A clumper, not a runner.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common...

Heucherella Firecracker (72 cells) PPAF

Trays: 0
Deeply lobed leaves with bright yellow margins surrounding dark orange-red centers and veins. Very compact and self-branching.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name: Foamy bells  USDA...