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Alchemilla mollis Auslese (72 cells)

Trays: 28
Distinctly pleated foliage forms a soft mound with chartreuse-green flowers held above the foliage in early summer. Superb edging plant alongside moist areas.  Production Location: Pennsylvania  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common...

Colocasia esculenta Maui Gold (38 cells) PP24482

Trays: 11
Massive chartreuse leaves on ivory-white stems. Tidy clump-forming habit, great for landscape or large container.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 38 plants  Common Name: Elephant Ears  USDA Hardiness...

Echinacea purpurea Green Twister (72 cells)

Trays: 8
Unique! Daisy flowers feature carmine-red petal bases, changing to lemon-green perimeters. A generous bloomer.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name: Coneflower  USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 -...

Euphorbia xmartinii Ascot Rainbow (72 cells) PP21401

Trays: 66
Stunning variegated foliage brings multi-season interest. Leaves are blue-green with creamy yellow edges in summer, deepening with intense red tones in colder weather. Compact, vase-shaped habit. Lime-green flowers add to the charm. Another winner from...

Nassella tenuissima (50 cells)

Trays: 0
North American Native. Very fine, thread-like green foliage ending in straw-colored, narrow seed heads. Extremely delicate and soft in appearance. A cool season grower that will stay evergreen in cooler climates. Very drought tolerant...

Sagina subulata (Irish moss) (72 cells)

Trays: 38
Low-growing mats of rich green, moss-like foliage with tiny white starry flowers in spring. Despite its common name, it's actually a Dianthus relative.  Production Location: Pennsylvania  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name:...

Sagina subulata Aurea (Scotch moss) (72 cells)

Trays: 3
Like Sagina subulata Irish moss, but with bold gold/chartreuse foliage. Excellent ground cover.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name: Scotch Moss  USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 -...