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Delosperma Jewel of Desert Sunstone (72 cells) PPAF

Trays: 25
Long-blooming little gems in a nifty range of colors from Japanese breeding. Expect flowers from late spring straight through to fall. All but Moonstone have bicolor or tricolor bullseye flowers with pale centers surrounding gold stamens. Bright orange...

Delosperma Jewel of Desert Topaz (72 cells) PP23492

Trays: 29
Electric orange with white centers and pink transition zone. Expect flowers from late spring straight through to fall.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name: Ice plant  USDA Hardiness...

Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Limoncello (72 cells) PPAF

Trays: 7
WOW! is a fitting acronym for this long-blooming, low-maintenance collection. Rich green foliage is a perfect backdrop for big, shiny flowers. Larger and faster-growing than Jewel of Desert. Bigger flowers, too. Suitable for larger pots and even hanging...

Lewisia xlongipetala Little Peach (72 cells)

Trays: 123
Beautiful, small, and evergreen. Heavily blooming soft peach, orange, and yellow flowers. Perfect rock-garden specimen.  Production Location: Pennsylvania  Tray Size: 72 plants  Common Name: Bitterroot  USDA...