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Andropogon gerardii (38 cells)

Trays: 46
Big Bluestem is a clump forming warm season native perennial grass. The lower stems are a purplish or bluish color and the leaves are 1/2 inch wide and up to 20 inches long. Big Bluestem is a major...

Andropogon glomeratus (38 cells)

Trays: 22
North American native. Sturdy, upright green leaves in summer turn a beautiful copper-orange in fall; retains color well into winter.  Production Location: Florida  Tray Size: 38...

Andropogon virginicus (38 cells)

Trays: 4
A strongly upright clumping grass. In late summer, green leaf blades give way to hues of red and purple and then bright orange in fall. Color remains through the winter. Attractive in meadow gardens...

Andropogon ternarius (38 cells)

Trays: 24
North American native. Blue-green foliage takes on shades of purple, bronze and red in cool fall weather. Silvery flowers are held on slender stalks for a different look than others in the genus...