It’s been an extraordinary year. In fact, current events make the word “extraordinary” feel inadequate. Failing to mention it would feel like ignoring the biggest elephant that ever stomped into the room.

But you don’t need us to tell you about it. And it’s not why you’re browsing our online listing of starter plants.

By any measure, two extraordinary things stand out about this year: how extraordinarily well our industry has handled it, and how extraordinarily grateful our end consumers, home gardeners, are that we are here for them. North American retailers have reported record-breaking sales.

We humbly submit that this reinforces what we’ve always said, and deeply felt, about the green industries: We are not a luxury. We’re more than a form of recreation. Though we often benefit from impulse buying, it does not define us.

It also reinforces what old-timers in the industry have said for as long as we old-timers can remember: Hard times are good times for growers. That’s when people stay home and plant gardens.

Whether you grow edibles or ornamentals, you fill a real need. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Doubters can quibble about the importance of that need compared to more elemental hungers, but we defy anyone to deny its existence.

When the pantry is well-stocked, there are still appetites to be nourished. We are the thin green line that feeds the need for beauty. We make people happy. We keep people sane. They count on us to stay the course, and we’re answering the call with a full slate of plants, from comfortingly familiar standards to new breeding breakthroughs.

At Emerald Coast Growers, we’re looking forward to a pretty special anniversary: 2021 marks our 30th year in business. We’ve come a long way since our 1991 launch in a few small greenhouses. Without you, our loyal customers, we could not have done it.

We hope all our customers are safe, secure and sanguine. And we thank you for your company on this extraordinary journey.

What sets us apart

We scrupulously screen and select for unsurpassed quality and consistency throughout each liner tray. Count on reliable timing, well-established plants, and an exceptional finish with Emerald Coast.

Key products

Industry-leading selection of ornamental grass liners.

Perennial starters, familiar and novel, with new introductions each year.

Native selections, which include exclusive varieties of Andropogon.

Multiple sizes to suit our customers’ production needs, from economical 128s to jumbo 21s.

We grow 23 of the 27 plants chosen as PPA Perennial Plant of the Year

Production Capacity

Over 500,000 square feet of heated greenhouses in Pennsylvania and Florida, plus 55 acres of outdoor growing area in the mild Florida panhandle climate.


We consistently supply top-quality starter plants to growers in the US and Canada. Delivery is available by common carrier, grower truck, and customer pickup in FL and PA.

Ornamental Grasses

You never forget your first love. Our first love, the seed that grew into the company we are today, was ornamental grasses.

Thirty years ago, specializing in grasses was hardly a sure thing. Despite steady growth in designers’ vocabulary and gardeners’ favor, they hadn’t quite penetrated the mainstream market. Some dismissed them as a niche, an anomaly, a fad.

Thirty years later, grasses have traveled far – but not too far -- on the road from oddity to commodity. Well-chosen grasses, as individuals, small stands or great swaths, are an accepted and expected element of good landscapes.

We believe we had a hand in raising America’s consciousness of this wonderful, diverse category. Popularity fades if availability lags; demand soon shifts focus if supply can’t keep pace. That won’t happen on our watch.

A remarkable number of our original varieties are still with us, still popular, still generating respectable profit margins.

Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’ sold out the first year we divided it. It still does, even as excellent newer forms like ‘Cool As Ice’ emerge to challenge it. Pennisetum ‘Hameln’ still graces America’s gardens and retail benches. But have you grown our infertile collection? Cayenne™, Etouffee™, Hush Puppy™, Jambalaya™ and Praline™ offer multiple sizes and colors, with long-lasting flowers that can’t develop viable seeds. They stay put.

No, you never forget your first love... especially when it never ended. Especially when it’s only become stronger over three decades.

We renew our commitment every day. Thank you for helping us celebrate – and reach -- our 30th Anniversary.

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