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We're big on small grasses! Carex EverColor Series®

We're big on small grasses! Carex EverColor Series®

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Feb 8th 2024

Our customers and yours are especially fond of the fun EverColor® series by FitzGerald Nurseries of Kilkenny, Ireland. Pat Fitzgerald has selected some nifty variations and variegations of this versatile, sturdy genus. He describes his creations as “colorful, multifunctional, and easy.”

These well-behaved sedges form sturdy, compact, uniform mounds of glossy blades in a nifty range of easy-to-use sizes and colors. Flowers are subtle and inconspicuous. On the oshimensis types, they become interesting bristle-brush seed heads.

Hardy in Zones 6-9, EverColor® "grasses" are made for the shade but will tolerate some sun. They’re excellent, low-maintenance candidates for containers, edging, or ground cover. And they’re happiest in moist (not soggy) well-drained soil. 

Carex morrowii 'Everglow' PP30466

Eye-catching and easy to grow!

An upright standout of the group. The rich green central stripe is flanked by luminous peachy-orange margins in cool seasons.

Mature height 19"

Carex oshimensis 'Everlime' PP25622

A robust grower, evergreen in all but the harshest winters. The deep green arching leaves are accented with sparkling lime-green edges.

Mature height 12"

Carex o. 'Eversheen' PP25938

Glossy, arching blades feature a broad central band of bright lime yellow surrounded by deep green borders. Compact and shade friendly.

Mature height 12"

Carex o. 'Everoro' PP23406

Like 'Evergold', but with improved vigor and form. Sturdy leaves show beautiful dark green margins and wide, gleaming golden centers.

Mature height 18"

The small print:

Carex looks like grass and sells like grass, but it’s a sedge – and that’s a whole different family. 

Get an edge with EverColor® sedge in fabulous 50-cell trays from your friends at Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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