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A 5/5 Fiesta!

A 5/5 Fiesta!

Posted by John Friel on May 5th 2022

Celebrate with these FIVE fine varieties on SALE now.

35% off list price, no other volume discounts apply

Sale begins immediately with first ship date May 16, 2022 

Sale runs through July 4, 2022 or until we’re sold out!

Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' (72 cell) LIST 1.79 each SALE 1.163 each

Phalaris a. 'Picta' (38 cell) LIST 1.38 each SALE .897 each

Phalaris a. 'Dwarf Garters' (38 cell) LIST 1.38 each SALE .897 each

Sedum s. 'Fireglow' (72 cell) LIST .75 each SALE .488 each

Sedum 'Mr. Goodbud' PP17671 (72 cell) LIST .75 each (add .20 royalty) SALE .488 each (add .20 royalty)

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