A Grass By Any Other Name

WHAT LOOKS LIKE A GRASS, GROWS like a grass and SELLS like a grass...... but isn’t a grass? We have the answer -- several answers, in fact. Our ornamental lineup includes some great impostors, grass-like plants not found in the family Poaceae, the “true grasses.” But you’ll want them in YOUR lineup anyway. 

ACORUS (Sweet flag).

Our smallest variety has the biggest name: ‘Pusillus Minimus Aureus’ stands just four inches high. Its bright yellow blades illuminate moist, shady spots. Most plants sold as A. ‘Ogon’ are striped green & yellow. Our solid-colored ‘Ogon’ is the original, the 24-carat gold standard of this Asian native.

CAREX (Sedge)

A vast, diverse genus of small ornamentals. We offer 29 species and cultivars in a broad gamut of looks and likes. Luxuriate in lush green shade-loving native C. pensylvanica and p. ‘Straw Hat’. Enjoy startling hues like orange and chocolate in the ColorGrass® group. Savor the voluptuous stripey cascades of the EverColor® series.

CYPERUS (Sedge, papyrus)

Tender C. involucratus (umbrella sedge) and C. papyrus (dwarf papyrus) make a showy, exotic, tropical-looking stand in container or border. Extremely effective as the star of the show in mixed containers, too.

ISOLEPIS (Fiber optic grass)

A “doesn’t look real” plant. Gushing from containers or damp spots in the border, masses of fine, hair-like blades bear small pale flower spikes year-round. Native to four continents, including western North America. 


What a rush! Our five options range in habit from laser-straight ‘Blue Arrows’ to the improbable kinky corkscrew curlicues of ‘Big Twister’, and in height from cute little foot-tall ‘Spiralis’ to the five-foot stretch of Javelin. All favor moist soils, but J. tenuis ‘Blue Dart’, are surprisingly adaptable. 

SISYRINCHIUM (Blue-eyed grass)

A cheerful little edger and North American native, with slender, iris-like foliage. Our S. angustifolium ‘Lucerne’ adorns the border with up to two months of starry blue blooms with golden centers. Prefers moist soil in a sunny location. 

Introduce our great impostors into your fiscal fitness program. The grasses that aren’t come in efficient, fast-finishing liners from Emerald Coast Growers – the easy choice!