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A Native Gem - Panicum virgatum

A Native Gem - Panicum virgatum

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Oct 5th 2023

Native to the North American prairie, and yet still a stylish and ornamental vertical landscape element, Panicum virgatum is perfectly at home in any sunny landscape.

(Pictured above) 

'Heavy Metal'

Glaucous blue leaves and a strong upright form create a formal look that is softened by its delicate seedheads.

Tolerates a wide range of soils.

Mature height: 5'

Tough and carefree, "switch grass" is a long-lived, warm-season grower. In mid to late summer soft, airy panicles rise above sturdy, color-changing foliage. The autumn-hued stands remain through winter providing beauty for the gardener and vital cover for birds. Hardy for Zones 4-10.

A versatile native, the formal-looking upright habit belies the easy culture of Panicum. Established plants are drought-tolerant and require little maintenance outside of late winter to early spring cutback. Often used in breezy sweeps, large containers, or as an eye-catching specimen punctuating the perennial border, switch grass is tolerant of most soils.

'Dallas Blues'

Very large, pastel pink seedheads bloom over showy, wide blue leaves.

Attractive seedheads can be used in dried arrangements.

Mature height:5 - 6'

Offer a premium prairie native that makes an elegant, long-lasting impression. Switch up your ornamental grass selection with a full range of Panicum virgatum from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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