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Battle of The Blues - Festuca Faves

Battle of The Blues - Festuca Faves

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Jan 18th 2024

You can't lose this battle of the Blues.

We grow four varieties of blue Festuca and one that's rich dark green. The blue ones all have similarities, but also a key distinguishing attribute, subtle or obvious.

Each has fans who claim their darling is the best. And we won't argue.

But we can't pick favorites. Every member of this Festuca quintet is nicely tuned to earn their spot on the right stage. Which one strikes the perfect chord for you?

Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'

A famous New York nursery located on Elijah Lane introduced 'Elijah Blue', consistently one of our top sellers.

The best-known ornamental fescue, its silvery-blue foliage forms a small, dense mound with flower spikes that rise a foot above.

Height 6-10"

Zones 4-8

Festuca g.'Boulder Blue'

Selected in Colorado more than a quarter century ago, 'Boulder Blue' boasts a compact form with intense blue tufts of wiry, hair-like foliage. It's happy in harsh, arid environments.

Height 6-10"

Zones 4-6

Festuca g. Beyond Blue PP23307

This Dutch introduction is a direct descendant of 'Elijah Blue'.

Years of patient selection yielded 'Beyond Blue', an evergreen form, famous on both sides of the Atlantic.

The finely textured, powder-blue foliage retains its color throughout the season.

Height 6-10"

Zones 4-8

Festuca x. 'Cool As Ice' PP27651

One of the more vigorous, taller offerings, this hybrid hails from Intrinsic Perennial Farms in Illinois.

'Cool As Ice' earns its name with excellent heat tolerance and summer color retention.

Height 12-18"

Zones 4-8

Didn't Get the Dress Code

Festuca sp. Eilers Beauty®

Make room for a new hue!

Fine-textured, matte-green tufts, bright tan seedheads, and red-tinged stems offer a twist on the usual.

Collected by plantsman Henry Eilers, Eilers Beauty® is more than good-looking, it can handle tough conditions, even dry shade.

Height 8-20"

Zones 4-8

Rock on! Whichever Festuca YOU like best, it comes in slick-planting, fast-finishing, 50-cell trays from your friends at Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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