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Bestseller Pennisetum xa. 'Rubrum'

Bestseller Pennisetum xa. 'Rubrum'

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Dec 1st 2023

A retail staple, purple fountain grass routinely tops our list of best-selling ornamental grasses.

'Rubrum' is so well-known and loved, that it barely needs an introduction. A rapid grower with prolific blooming power, purple fountain grass requires little more than a quality start, sunny space, and well-draining soil for spectacular results.

High impact! With a mid-range mature height of three to five feet, it stands nicely in large, fast-growing sweeps or gracefully as a single. Container-friendly, upright, and gently arching foliage is a showstopper alone or surrounded by long-blooming perennials.

This oh-so-versatile annual grass is a solid, reliable performer for landscapes both public and private. The eye-catching, bold burgundy blades and fluffy foxtail-like flowers of 'Rubrum' are a sure hit for a burst of quick, low-maintenance color from early spring through first frost.

It's so popular, we carry it in every size.

We make offering 'Rubrum' even easier with a liner size to suit any production protocol.

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