Dancing Stars (Miscanthus)

Dangling, jangling wind chimes give the breeze a voice.

Dancing, swaying grasses make it visible. 

Miscanthus sinensis

The world’s premier ornamental grass genus, Miscanthus has graced America’s gardens for over a century. Heights range from just a few feet to Wow!

Blades run the gamut from very narrow to very wide, in solid green or a variety of variegation patterns -- so there’s a “maiden grass” for every purpose.

All varieties provide movement and sound for a delightful garden presence nearly all year, from fresh spring green to pale winter straw.

We grow two dozen varieties. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Bandwidth (‘NCMS2B’) PP29460 Spangled and bangled! Rich green upright leaves are lavishly cross-banded with enough gold bars to make Fort Knox jealous. A petite grower, but no wallflower. Since it’s part of our Infertile Collection from the University of Georgia, this little “mule” can’t self-sow. At just 3’ tall, it’s ideal for smaller spaces or containers. Hardy in USDA Zones 5 – 10.

‘Gracillimus’ & ‘Morning Light’

We mention these two in the same breath because of how strikingly alike they are in the garden. ‘Gracillimus’ is a classic, with slender, solid green blades and an elegant habit. If the late Audrey Hepburn were a grass, she’d be a stand of ‘Gracillimus’.

‘Morning Light’ is often referred to as a variegated Gracillimus’. Its narrow, vertically-striped blades lend a bright, ethereal glow to the sunny border. Both are hardy in Zones 5 – 10. When mature, ‘Gracillimus’ rises to over 6’ in bloom, while ‘Morning Light’ tops out a foot or so shorter.


‘Morning Light’

Cut back on the Cutback!

We recommend grasses be allowed to stand in fall, so they can reward the gardener with movement and structure all winter. An early-spring whack sets the stage for renewal. Be patient: dormant maiden grass can be slow to awaken, but when longer days, warm soil and mild nights return, it makes up for lost time in a hurry.

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