Gardens of the Gods - Nepeta Neptune

Many gardeners believe their earthly creation is a little piece of heaven, and we wouldn’t dream of arguing with them. Why not take things a step farther and offer them some of our favorite “heavenly” cultivars?

Nepeta Neptune(‘Bokratune’ PP29556) “Catmint”

Aside from phonics, the Roman god of the sea isn’t exactly a natural fit for a plant famous for attracting cats, who are famously averse to getting wet. But when you see the sky blue flowers floating above a sea of blue-green foliage, you’ll happily forgive that little contradiction.

Neptune is a lovely addition to the front of the border. Alternatively, its compact stature and long bloom period make it a great container candidate. Height 8 – 12”. Hardy in Zones 5 – 9.

Stokesia laevis ‘DivinityPP26164

This one’s name comes not from Cloud 9 but from a dangerously sweet Southern confection. However, since that simply divine dish derives its name from the Pearly Gates neighborhood, we’ll allow it.

‘Divinity’ is an outstanding selection of one of America’s most ornamental natives. Its big, feathery flowers open with just a tinge of yellow and quickly mature to pure, dazzling white. We should know: We selected, introduced and patented it! Height 12 – 14”. Hardy in Zones 5 – 9.