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Get Connected! Miscanthus sinensis Bandwidth™

Get Connected! Miscanthus sinensis Bandwidth™

Posted by John Friel on Nov 19th 2021

The world’s premier genus of ornamental grasses includes lots of stunning varieties. We offer three that have a unique advantage: They’re infertile. They can’t self-sow and pop up where they’re not welcome.

We’re spotlighting them all, one at a time. 

We’ve told you about Scout™ and My Fair Maiden™, so let’s wrap up the series with a look at Bandwidth™. 

You’ll have to set your sights a little lower for this one, as it’s the shortest of the three.

Despite its name, Bandwidth can’t magically endow your garden with Wi-Fi. But it does bring you lots of bars – gold bars! Narrow, rich green blades are heavily cross-hatched with broad gold bands. And since it stands a stocky 3 foot high at maturity, perfect for mid-border or container use, we can confidently state that no other grass crams more gold into such a small space.

Culture notes

Miscanthus can be slow to emerge in spring in colder areas. Be patient: It grows vigorously once it gets going.

Exposure: Full sun.

Hardiness: Zones 5 – 10.

Landscape: Performs best in fertile, well-drained soil with consistent moisture. Fairly drought-tolerant once established.

Maintenance: Wait until late winter/early spring to cut back. Miscanthus brings movement and structure to the garden even when dormant. 

Bandwidth™ PP29460 is the result of a cooperative venture teaming NC State and Darwin Perennials. It comes in economical 72-cell or beefy 38-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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