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Hosts of Hosta Hit Prime Time

Hosts of Hosta Hit Prime Time

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Aug 4th 2023

HOSTA: Shipping Now!

Advance your perennial program with a host of low-maintenance, easy-to-grow Hosta varieties. Available in a broad spectrum of sizes, forms, and gorgeous foliage colors, this landscape essential is one of the top-selling genera in North America.

Don't miss this hot commodity!

Start now! Great growers and gardeners know warm-season planting allows time for full, mature development prior to winter rest. Next spring, you'll reap the rewards of planning and planting ahead with fat, retail-ready gallons bursting from dormancy with multiple 'eyes'.

The only hard part with Hosta will be choosing your favorites, but we're happy to help. Let's take a look at six sizzling selections you and your customers are sure to love.

'So Sweet'

Hosta of the Year 1996

22" w x 14" h

Great in the South!

Crisp green, heart-shaped leaves with gold margins that age to white. Fragrant lavender flowers. Vigorous, suitable for massing. Very heat tolerant.

'Wide Brim'

RHS Award of Garden Merit 1993

36" w x 24" h

Heart-shaped leaves with blue-green centers and wide, irregular cream-colored borders. Light lavender to white flowers.

'Fragrant Bouquet'

22' w x 18" h

Vibrant chartreuse leaves with wide, creamy margins, sport highly fragrant flowers. More sun tolerant than most varieties.

'Royal Standard'

48-60"w x 26" h

Very popular!

Glossy bright green leaves, deeply corrugated, with wonderful wavy edges. Forms large mounds with creamy white blooms soaring to 40".

'Earth Angel'

Hosta of the Year 2009

48" w x 36" h

Make her yours! This darling variegated sport of 'Blue Angel' makes a bold statement. Big, blue-green leaves with wide, creamy white to yellow edges. Heavenly white hyacinth-like blooms.


Hosta of the Year 1997

36"w x 22" h

A top-shelf variety!

Dark green leaves with a wide, showy white edge. Lavender flowers.

Ready in no time, NOW is the prime time to grow one of the top-selling perennials in North America. Get the party going with Hosta in easy-finishing, ready-now, 38-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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