HUG A GROUND-HUGGER....AGAIN (Lamium maculatum)

How low can you go? 

When you hear the word “groundcover,” what comes to mind? After “Ho-hum,” probably a few too-familiar genera, right?

It doesn’t need to be that way. There are strikingly different, even fascinating, perennials that blanket the ground without putting you to sleep. And low-growing does NOT have to mean low margin.

Here’s the lowdown on a low-growing species we think highly of.

Lamium maculatum

Seldom rising above 8”, this pretty genus sports deceptively delicate looking foliage that’s actually semi-evergreen. Happiest in partial shade, it can handle both darker and brighter situations. We have a trio for you.

‘White Nancy’

White flowers in summer over dense silver foliar carpets. 

‘Purple Dragon’PP15890

Unusually large purple flowers over lovely silver foliage. 

‘Beacon Silver’

Silver leaves are edged in deep green. Mauve flowers in summer.

Footnote #1: A Slanderous Nickname!

Ignore the bizarre common name “dead nettle.” Why such an ugly moniker for such a pretty little thing? Because while it slightly resembles stinging nettle, it’s not related, and it doesn’t sting.

Footnote #2: Im-maculate Perception

Some words seem to describe only negatives. A natty dresser is never described as kempt. A satisfied customer is unlikely to say they’re gruntled.

But that’s English, not Latin. The specific epithet maculatum, which appears in multiple genera, means “spotted.” The English equivalant, maculate, is rarely used, so to remember the meaning, think of the opposite: Immaculate = spotless.

Don’t leave your customers in limbo. Raise the bar. Raise their consciousness. First, get the lowdown on the down-low from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!