January 2020 Rock Star Award

Emerald Coast Growers would like to introduce you to our first 'Rock Star Award' winner for 2020, Jake Verlinde - our Facilities Manager and project leader. Jake has done an outstanding job of leading his crew to successfully complete project after project, and still managing to keep a smile on his face.

When ECG decided to consolidate two ranges to provide better efficiency and improved growing conditions, Jake could have run for the hills. Instead, he organized a team, rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Our successful migration from our old Pace location to our new perennial houses in Milton, FL would never have been accomplished so successfully without his steady approach to job tackling.

Jake and his entire crew continue to work towards improving every aspect of our facilities, from production and growing to equipment and product flow. Congratulations Jake, recipient of our January 2020 Rock Star Award!

About the Rock Star Award

This monthly award is designed to acknowledge employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others to do their best.