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Let's Hear it For Briza media

Let's Hear it For Briza media

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Mar 7th 2024

This fun, long-lived, easy-to-grow beauty deserves a little noise.

The botanical embodiment of "easy, breezy, beautiful",Briza media engages the admirer with whimsical heart-shaped pendant flowers swaying from spikes a foot or more above the clump-forming foliage. So appealing, the highly decorative flowers are often used as cut stems or in dried arrangements.

Fun and functional, Briza media is a cold-friendly, long-lived grass. Hardy for Zones 4-10, mature plants are nicely sized, growing to just under 3 feet. Tolerant of tough conditions and somewhat drought tolerant when established: Quaking grass is easy to grow in full sun or light shade. An added benefit is low maintenance, requiring only a light shearing in the fall to encourage new growth that remains attractive through winter.

As the breeze blows, garden music is made when cute "Quaking grass" seedheads rattle in the wind. This charming feature has inspired more than a few playful common names, such as "Doddering Dillies", "Jiggle-Joggles", and "Quakers and Shakers".

Go for the "Something Different" customers can't wait to hear about. It's a breeze when you start with ready-to-ship, easy-to-grow, 38-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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