Meet our August Rock Star

Meet our August Rock Star

About the Rock Star Award

Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others.

This month we pause to applaud David Whitfield, Assistant Manager at the Milton farm.

During his eight years at ECG, David has been a leader in production, field work, and in the vital role of picking manager. In the last year he’s taken on a wider range of duties as the location manager’s right-hand man.

David has some loyal fans among his peers and colleagues. Here’s some of what some of them had to say about him:

“He’s always in a good mood and encourages everyone around him to be as well.”

“He always has a great attitude, and looks out for everyone.”

“David works alongside everyone (and) shows his appreciation for each individual, their hard work and dedication.”

“It's rare to find leaders who are willing to get their hands dirty (literally). David leads by example... out in the fields every day with everyone else... having him out there makes us feel like we're all in it together.”

“David Whitfield embodies what I believe the ECG "culture" should be. He has an honest work ethic and is beyond helpful to every person or situation. ECG is lucky to have him.”

Congratulations, David! ECG thanks you for your consistent service. You rock!