Meet our September Rock Star

Meet our September Rock Star

About the Rock Star Award

Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others.

This month we honor Jonah Camp.

Jonah came on board in 2017 as general greenhouse labor and rose to the position of assistant perennial grower at the Milton farm. He lives on site and is a night watchman in addition to his plant care duties.

Jonah’s manager and colleagues had lots of good things to say about this young man, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally. It’s not surprising to lose plants during a hurricane. It’s less obvious that even more can be lost in the days after a storm, to watering issues or lost greenhouse cover.

“Jonah Camp did an amazing job during and after the hurricane. He worked throughout, and did everything asked of him and then some. During Sally, he was the man here making sure everything was running smoothly.”

“Storms almost always reveal character. During those difficult Hurricane Sally days, Jonah showed that his really shines.”

Even in calmer times, problems can arise suddenly.

“We had an unexpected power outage at the Milton farm – a major issue because of new tissue cultured transplants under mist. Jonah recognized the risk and helped make sure everything was ok until power came back on.”

“Without Jonah, our perennial facility would not be what it is. We would greatly miss what he provides. He busts his butt every day, stays the latest, and has it covered on weekends. He’s hands down the most reliable (assistant) I’ve worked with, which in this business is critical.”

“Jonah genuinely cares about the crops and the greenhouses. He’s learned a lot over the past few years, and seems eager to continue that on-site education.”

Congratulations, Jonah, and thank you for your solid presence come heck or high water. You rock!