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Meet our September Rock Star...Juan Dominguez

Meet our September Rock Star...Juan Dominguez

Posted by John Friel on Oct 13th 2021

About the Rock Star Award

Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others. Juan Dominguez is this month's award recipient. Juan was praised by his peers for his ability to tackle tough jobs and work well under pressure. 

“Juan is a key essential part of the grass production team. He can follow instructions, lead groups, stick, cut, drive equipment, gather stock, and the list goes on. Juan brings a sense of relief to everyone when we are faced with a more challenging task, he knows how to handle anything presented to him. He just gets work done!”

“I have heard repeatedly from co-workers: “we couldn’t have gotten this done without Juan.” I think that says it all. Juan Dominguez is my rock star nominee this month.”

 “Juan Dominguez has excelled in every department and at every task. For the last year he has been an integral member of our grass production team -- serving in all capacities. Juan has a great attitude, tremendous endurance, and is very reliable. He is extremely skilled and is vital to not only grass production but our entire operation.”

“Juan is a Rock Star day in and day out. His years of dedication and experience, paired with a positive attitude and willingness to help at ALL times, under ANY circumstances. Juan is a model employee and coworker. His knowledge and experience are often used and valued in ALL departments within the company. My vote is in and my hat is off to Juan!”

David Whitfield (assistant manager at Milton, FL) and Juan Dominguez (ECG Rock Star)

Thank you Juan for your dedication, hard work, and inspiring attitude. You rock!

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