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Sometimes it’s Good to Have the Blues  (Salvia nemorosa Blue Hill)

Sometimes it’s Good to Have the Blues (Salvia nemorosa Blue Hill)

Posted by John Friel on May 20th 2022

In perennials, true blue and true red can be hard to find. Some of the best examples of each are found in the same genus: Salvia.

 Salvia nemorosa Blue Hill (‘Blauhugel’) boasts one of the truest blue flowers you can grow. At maturity, it lives up to its name, forming neat, uniform mounds of sturdy blue spikes. Blue Hill’s size makes it a natural for the middle of the border. At retail, it makes good-looking gallons with minimal fuss. It’s not as well known as some other hardy Salvia varieties, but it will quickly earn its place on your bench.


‘Blauhugel’ was introduced by renowned German plantsman Ernst Pagels, also famous for his breeding work with Achillea and Miscanthus. Mentored by Karl Foerster, he selected ruthlessly for disease resistance and ease of culture.

Culture Notes 

Height: 18-24” 

Hardiness: USDA Zones 3-8 

Soil and water: Like many Salvia, Blue Hill grows best in well-drained soil kept on the dry side once plants are established. 

Care: Salvia is famously low-maintenance. Dead-heading during the flowering period improves appearance and encourages rebloom. In fall, once flowering is done for the season, a hard cutback is beneficial.

Fun Fact 

The genus Salvia encompasses 900 species, many of which interbreed quite promiscuously. Pinning down a particular variety is tricky: You’ll find this one listed as S. xsylvestris by some authorities.

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