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When is a Grass NOT a Grass? Acorus 'Oborozuki'

When is a Grass NOT a Grass? Acorus 'Oborozuki'

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Mar 22nd 2023

When is a grass not a grass? When it's an Acorus. Sure, it looks like a grass. It's even earned the "grassy-leaved" moniker among sweet flag fans, but this is a plant all its own.'Oborozuki' is among our favorites in this line of not-really-grasses. Gorgeous, green stripes adorn long, narrow, golden yellow leaves. For an added bonus, the foliage is sweetly scented.Topping out at just under a foot tall, 'Oborozuki' offers the appeal of evergreen and bears tiny, yellow green blooms from late sprin

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