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The Hosta Party Rages On!

The Hosta Party Rages On!

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Apr 26th 2023

Have You Scheduled Your Hosta Yet?

These special, once per year offerings are often booked well in advance of their ready date. Don't miss this hot commodity!

Warm season planting allows for full plant development prior to winter rest. Next spring, you'll reap the rewards of planning and planting ahead with full, fat, retail ready gallons bursting from dormancy with multiple 'eyes'.

Advance your perennial program with a host of vibrant, worry free, all-important Hosta options. Here's the scoop on the other half of the 12 varieties we carry.

Hosta 'Stained Glass'

(36" w x 15" h)

Shiny, deeply veined, bright gold leaves edged in dark green. Fragrant pale lavender flowers. Sun tolerant and a vigorous grower.

2006 Hosta of the Year

Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'

(16" w x 10" h)

Small, cupped and corrugated leaves with radiant golden centers narrowly framed in deep green.

2013 Hosta of the Year

Hosta 'Earth Angel'

(48" w x 36" h)

A large, commanding presence in the garden. Big, heart shaped, blue-green leaves with wide, creamy white to yellow edges. Glossy white hyacinth-like blooms in midsummer.

2009 Hosta of the Year

Hosta 'Francee'

(22" w x 15" h)

Forest green, heart shaped leaves with a white edge. Lavender flowers. A classic Hosta!

Hosta 'Royal Standard'

(48-60" w x 26" h)

Glossy, bright green leaves are deeply corrugated with wavy edges. Forms large mounds. Creamy white blooms rise to 40". Very popular.

Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'

(22" w x 18" h)

Chartreuse leaves with wide, creamy margins sport highly fragrant flowers. More sun tolerant than other Hosta


Act now! Hosta will begin shipping May 15.

Check out our Hosta House:

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