The Lovely Wand Flower: Garden Magic! (Gaura lindheimeri)

Here’s a native genus that took a long time to find its way into America’s gardens. 

Once there, it’s never looked back.

Gaura produces prolific quantities of delicate blooms, in white, pink or bicolor. Borne on slender stems, they’re in constant motion in the slightest breeze. The foliage consists of small, lanceolate leaves that may be rich green, variegated or red. 

Belleza Dark Pink

Well-branched, with short flower stems loaded with dark pink bloooms.

Height 12 – 18”

‘Crimson Butterflies’

Hot pink blooms on red stems over dark crimson leaves.

Height 18 – 24”

‘Graceful Magic’

A compact variety with deep pink flowers and variegated foliage.

Height 6 – 10”

‘Siskiyou Pink’

The first commercial non-white variety. Brilliant rosy-pink petals and white stamens.

Height 18 – 30”

‘Whirling Butterflies’

Bright white flowers dance on slim red stems, floating like butterflies over willow-like foliage.

Height 2 – 3’. 

Culture Notes

For optimum growth and successful overwintering, Gaura insists on good drainage. Once established, it’s tolerant of high and low temperatures, but not of wet feet. Overly rich soil will cause leggy, floppy growth. Gardeners, NB: It’s tap-rooted, so transplant with care.

Breeders have tamed this natural rambler, shortening internodes and increasing branching. Compact forms like ‘Graceful Magic’ and Belleza™ Dark Pink make beautifully-behaved pots, striking on the retail shelf.

But taller selections like ‘Whirling Butterflies’ and ‘Siskiyou Pink’ have fabulous garden merit, threading their graceful way into adjacent shrubs and perennials.

The Game of the Name

Gaura is from the Greek gauros, "superb," describing the beautiful, plentiful flowers. Some taxonomists argue that it belongs in the genus Oenothera. Either way, the specific epithet honors Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer, a 19th century plant collector. The common name “Wand flower” denotes the slim, wand-like stems. 

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