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Posted by John Friel on May 10th 2020

Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ and Beyond Blue (PP23307)

Two of our (and your) favorite small grasses have a connection that spans an ocean.

‘Elijah Blue’ was selected at The Plantage, a nursery located on Elijah’s Lane, Mattituck, New York.

Beyond Blue (‘Casca 11’) hails from much farther off: A garden in Haarsteeg, The Netherlands, 3,600 miles across the ocean blue. But its roots reach all the way back to New York.

As it turns out, ‘Elijah Blue’ is the parent of Beyond Blue. A young Dutch grower worked at The Plantage, took a fancy to that eponymous fescue, and started tinkering with it when he returned home to Holland.

Technically, Beyond Blue is a chimeral mutation of ‘Elijah Blue’, with foliage that tends to be more silvery-blue and hold color longer in summer. All Festuca are cool-season growers: They thrive early in the season, slow down when the weather heats up, and get happy again in fall. Their water needs are minimal once established, so they work well even with succulents like Sedum.

‘Elijah Blue’ has been a top seller since we opened our doors nearly 30 years ago. Beyond Blue has made lots of friends since its much more recent introduction. When you need a small, cute grass for border or container, you can’t miss with either one.

Host a family reunion. Bring ‘Elijah Blue’ and Beyond Blue together on your benches. They both come to you in easy-planting, fast-rooting 50s from Emerald Coast Growers – the easy choice!

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