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We get misty whenever it’s near... ColorGrass® Amazon Mist

We get misty whenever it’s near... ColorGrass® Amazon Mist

Posted by John Friel on May 18th 2021

Carex comans Amazon Mist™

A hint of variegation on slender light green blades lends an appealing soft-focus “misty” look to this proud member of our ColorGrass® collection. Arching habit and intriguing twisted tips complete the picture.

Carex comans Amazon Mist ColorGrass® Sedge at Chicago Botanic Garden

Like others in the series, Amazon Mist™ makes a great border-edger. But its lush form and graceful movement in the least breeze are especially effective in mixed containers.

Height 10” Hardy in Zones 7 - 9

The Game of the Name

The world’s second-largest retailer, the second-longest river, and this nifty sedge are all named for a race of women warriors from Greek mythology. First mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, those formidable females also had an arching, or rather archery, habit. They live on in pop culture via the Wonder Woman movie series, available on DVD from the aforementioned retailer.

 It’s prime time to make Amazon Mist™ yours. It comes in slick-planting, fast-finishing 72s from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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