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We've Got Ambitions - Bouteloua gracilis

We've Got Ambitions - Bouteloua gracilis

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Jun 16th 2023

Bouteloua gracilis' Blonde Ambition' is one of the most sought-after grasses to hit the market in years. This nifty North American native stands just two feet tall in flower, but it ranks high on the Most Wanted list of discerning growers and landscapers.

Heavy stands of chartreuse flowers mature quickly to blonde "eyelash" seedheads, held at a jaunty angle, dancing in the breeze like cheerful little pennants. Clumps of fine blue-green foliage complete the picture. No wonder it's a Plant Select® winner!

Bouteloua gracilis has been hiding in the shadow of its glamorous fair-haired offspring, but it deserves a place in the sun, too. Purple flowers emerge from gray-green foliage to form rich, bronze-y seedheads with that same sporty attitude.

Both are hardy in Zones 3-10, drought tolerant, and sport lovely gold foliage in fall.

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