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What's Poppin'?  Platycodon g. 'Astra Blue'

What's Poppin'? Platycodon g. 'Astra Blue'

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Jun 5th 2024

Here's a versatile garden plant that's fun for all ages. Growers and gardeners love the flower color, almost as close to true blue as a perennial gets. Your customers and theirs will delight at the inflated buds of this sun-loving, shade-tolerant, border beauty.

'Astra Blue' buds are irresistible. Please, don't stop 'em from poppin'! Having fun in the garden is the ultimate draw. A few burst buds are a small price to pay for a host of happy new gardeners. Consider it a tiny investment in the green industry's future.

Platycodon g. 'Astra Blue' is cherished for its oversized, cornflower blue, star-shaped blooms, and low, compact habit.

Produces summer flowers for months!

Height: 8-10"

Hardy in Zones 4-9

Get what's poppin'! Add playful, profitable, Platycodon. Available now in 72-cell trays from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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