“Why do you think I have this outrageous accent?” (Gaillardia)

So you think Latin names are difficult, you silly English-speaking person? Hah!

Let’s examine first a popular perennial, then the less-familiar story behind its name. 


A backbone of the sunny garden, “blanket flower” is known and loved world-wide for its array of bright, cheerful, often bicolor blooms.

Complex daisy-like flowers feature a plethora of petals with toothy, pointed or fluted tips. Puffy gold/red centers remain attractive and interesting even after petals fade.

As you might guess from the color range, all in the warm end of the spectrum, this American native genus is most widespread in the West and Southwest.

We grow an even dozen varieties. They’re all very nice, but here are a few highlights.

 Gaillardia aristata SpinTop series

Four nifty varieties, 

Copper Sun,

Orange Halo,


and Yellow Touch.

All have large, flat, richly-hued flowers from spring to fall. Great basal branching habit for tight, compact form and excellent retail presentation. Hardy in Zones 3 – 10. Height 12”.

pictured above -Copper Sun

Shed some sunlight – the more the better – on a little French/American history. The best Gaillardia on either side of the ocean come in easy-planting, quick-finishing 72-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!