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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses


Now what? Now this: It’s the perfect time to appreciate how important ornamental grasses have become in mainstream horticulture.

This lovely, graceful category enhances every possible type of planting, from seasonal containers to household borders to sweeping vistas. Grasses and grass-like plants span a vast range of sizes, habits and colors.

In our early years, grasses were a niche market. Today, they represent a respected, expected element of good garden design. Whether your business serves public, commercial or home landscaping, grasses are a thoroughly integrated part of the finished picture.

We’ve been an integral part of that evolution. We’ve fed and led that growth for our entire company history. That’s why now we can make it easy for you to capitalize on this established, but still expanding, market.

Our list spans the category. We have diminutive species just a few inches tall, skyscrapers that soar over ten feet, and myriad options in between. And we’re perfectly positioned to supply the burgeoning demand for native species and selections.

Our soft side is represented here, too, with Chlorophytum, Cordyline and Cyperus. And in Pennisetum, there’s best-selling ‘Rubrum’ and the Royal Collection.

As always: you know our grasses because we know our grasses.

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