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Photo Use Policy

The following highlights Emerald Coast Growers policy on using digital media/photos/videos for public display.

Our Terms of Use Policy

Including photos of our plants and facilities on our website and in publication is a privilege for us, and we intend to respect and honor it. Therefore: If copyright for a photo is held by someone other than Emerald Coast Growers, we will receive permission to post it and gladly provide credit if desired by the photographer and will not knowingly use a copyrighted photo.

We ask for your respect in return. Unless otherwise indicated, photographs throughout this website are:

(1) the property of and are copyrighted by Emerald Coast Growers.

(2) provided by a breeder or supplier for the purpose of product promotion. We are unable to pass along these image rights and encourage you to contact the breeder or supplier for information on photo availability.

(3) royalty images, in which Emerald Coast Growers has paid for a restricted license for use. This license is typically exclusive to Emerald Coast Growers and we are unable to pass along rights to these photos.

Images on this website may not be used for any purpose (including but not limited to: downloading, printing, distributing, linking) without permission from Emerald Coast Growers.

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