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Receiving Your Order

Receiving Your Order from Emerald Coast Growers

Thank you for your business! We guarantee viable plant material upon arrival. Please unpack product immediately after receiving. If you think there has been shipping damage, report it to us immediately or refuse shipment if extreme damage is present. If there is a claim or return to be made, do not discard the boxes/wooden racks. We will arrange for the plants to be picked up in their original packaging. Check the material you’ve received against the packing slip to verify that all material was delivered. Occasionally, a box may lag behind a day; however all packages are guaranteed in 3 days or less. If you notice a shortage or a problem, report it to our office immediately. If possible, email a picture of the material to document the issue. We will work with you or your broker to resolve the problem.

How to Care for Your Liners upon Delivery

Once you have unpacked the plants, check the liners to see if they are in need of water. If needed, water the liners sparingly and place them in a cool, shaded area. If you plan to hold liners for an extended period, place them in the appropriate amount of light per variety. Watch watering. Liners need more water monitoring than larger containers.

Your rooted liners are ready to be transplanted as soon as you receive them. Most perennials require a loose, well-drained potting mix.

When potting, place the liner in the center of the container and plant the plug so the old soil-level is flush with the new. Planting too deeply may result in rot. Not planting deeply enough may lead to root exposure resulting in injury or death of the plant. After potting, water the containers to eliminate air pockets in the soil.

Dormant Liners

Liners may be shipped dormant during the winter months. If receiving dormant material, you may hold liners in trays until they begin to break dormancy, then plant in containers. If potting dormant material, be careful to control soil moisture until the plant is actively growing. Do not apply feed to dormant material until it is beginning to show signs of growth.


Request for credit or claim must be made with our office within 10 days of receipt of order.

Please fill out the following Survey, and fax or email us your response. As we receive information back from you, we will make every effort to accommodate your suggestions. Your business is very important to us, and we work hard to assure that our customers are satisfied with our product.

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Please contact our office if you need more information or have questions!


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