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It’ll Fit You to a Ti! Cordyline australis

It’ll Fit You to a Ti! Cordyline australis

Posted by John Friel on Oct 28th 2022

We’re known for our tough-as-nails perennials and ornamental grasses, but we have a soft spot for a few really special tender plants.

Case in point: Cordyline australisKnown as Ti plant, Cabbage palm and other nicknames, Cordyline is a great fit for containers. 

Our two varieties make striking companions for other tropicals and semi-tropicals like Colocasia. They love full sun and are hardy in Zones 9 – 11.

‘Red Sensation’ features erect clumps of burgundy-red, sword-like leaves. It can reach heights of 3 – 6’, so give it some room! In warmer climates it’s happy in the border, but in most of America it’ll be most at home in a large container.

‘Red Star’ puts on a show with deep, deep red spiky leaves in upright masses. In early summer, white flower spikes add to the appeal. It can also reach 3 – 6’ at maturity for a truly impressive presentation.

The Game of the Name 

Don’t let the second part of the binomial fool you: This species hails from New Zealand, not Australia. The specific epithet australis simply means “southern.’ 

Fun Fact 

Everyone knows about the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. Their southern counterparts, the Aurora Australis, are just as impressive. But they don’t get nearly as much press, mainly because they’re harder to get to and have been viewed mainly by scientists and penguins.

Try a little tenderness. Grow dazzling Cordyline from our well-rooted, fast-finishing 72s. They’re part of the softer side of Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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