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Pennisetum xadvena 'Rubrum' - Where Does It All Go?

Pennisetum xadvena 'Rubrum' - Where Does It All Go?

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Jun 28th 2023

Oh, yeah...Everywhere! 

We grow so much 'Pennisetum xadvena 'Rubrum' – bench after bench, whole greenhouses full of it – that we sometimes wonder where it all goes. And then we take a drive, anywhere in North America, and there it is!

‘Rubrum’ barely needs an introduction. It’s that gorgeous annual grass you see wherever you go. There it is -- waving burgundy blades and matching foxtail flowers in big containers on Main Street, in landscapes public and private, surrounding fountains and flagpoles, flanking entrances. And looking great all season long!

Put the star power of 'Rubrum' to work for you. You’ll wonder where it all went when you start with hot-to-pot liners available in 4 versatile sizes from Emerald Coast Growers – the Easy Choice!

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