SEMPERVIVUM Hen & chicks, house leeks, cat & kittens, etc...

The current hunger for succulent plants of all kinds has increased awareness of this tough, fascinating genus. But do gardeners and growers who’ve recently discovered it realize how long it’s been in cultivation?

Mankind’s love for this genus goes back centuries. The name is Latin for “always living,” a testament to its durability. In antiquity, it was used in medicine and magic. Its juicy flesh was credited with healing stings and sores, much as Aloe is today.

It’s said that only two things can kill a Semp: Shade, and poor drainage. Its fleshy foliage is perfectly suited to stingy irrigation and hot sun.

We offer over a dozen choices. All share the genus’s trademark clustered rosette shape, but range in size from cute fuzzy buttons to wider forms that rapidly fill a 4” or larger container. Colors range from jade green to near black.

Sempervivum is the only genus we offer in a mixed tray. With our very own “Chick’s Mix,” growers of every size can conjure an eclectic assortment with minimal investment. And our Hardy Species Mix, grown from seed, means even more savings. 

Who Knew?

The ancients associated Sempervivum with Jupiter, the Roman thunder god. One of its many common names is Jupiter’s beard. It was thought to protect against fire, especially from lightning. Charlemagne, Emperor of Rome in the Early Middle Ages, decreed that the plant should be grown on every roof.

 Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Line up a lineup of sweet-selling succulent Sempervivum. They come in liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice! 

Sempervivum 'Black' featured in main photo.