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We ♥ Digitalis!

We ♥ Digitalis!

Posted by John Friel on Feb 4th 2022

Foxglove makes our heart go pit-a-patJust in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ll have fresh crops of all our gorgeous varieties of Digitalis, a.k.a. foxglove, ready to ship. Why is February 14 the perfect time for this particular garden beauty? See “Data and Digressions” below.Let’s forget matters of the heart and get to the heart of the matter. Here are our favorite selections from this traditional genus.Digitalis Arctic Fox RosePP31900Dark, rose-pink trumpets with paler speckled throats bloom from
GREEN ANATOMY - Digitalis (Foxglove)

GREEN ANATOMY - Digitalis (Foxglove)

Posted by John Friel on Dec 18th 2020

Are there body parts in your gardens? Not exactly, we hope -- but there are some very fine plants named for anatomical features. And they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.Digitalis “Foxglove”Right at your fingertips!Some say the Latin genus name, which refers to fingers, i.e., digits, was back formed from an old common name. “Fingerhut” is German for “finger hat,” a sewer’s thimble. An alternate explanation is that the lovely tubular flower resembles the finger of a glove, with the tip removed.Yo

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