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We ♥ Digitalis!

We ♥ Digitalis!

Posted by John Friel on Feb 4th 2022

Foxglove makes our heart go pit-a-pat

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ll have fresh crops of all our gorgeous varieties of Digitalis, a.k.a. foxglove, ready to ship. Why is February 14 the perfect time for this particular garden beauty? See “Data and Digressions” below.

Let’s forget matters of the heart and get to the heart of the matter. Here are our favorite selections from this traditional genus.

Digitalis Arctic Fox Rose


Dark, rose-pink trumpets with paler speckled throats bloom from late spring deep into summer.

Height: 18–24”. Hardy in Zones 6–9.

Dalmatian Series

You’re sure to see spots with this charming group. Sturdy columns of lovely trumpets with heavily spotted interiors. Choose from Crème, Peach, Purple and Rose. Better yet, grow ‘em all and let your customers choose!

Height: 16–20”. Hardy in Zones 5–9.





purpurea ‘Foxy’

This classic mix sets the standard for biennial foxgloves. Tall, stiff stems with red, white and yellow trumpets. A great vertical accent and a fine cut flower with good vase life. Height: 30”. Overwinters in Zones 4–8.


“Strawberry foxglove” sports big, coppery-pink tubular flowers, irresistible to hummingbirds. More shade-tolerant than most, and attractive in or out of bloom. Height: 2-3’. Hardy in Zones 6–9.

Data and Digressions

Medicine: Digitalis has been used since at least the mid-1700s as a drug to treat irregular heartbeats and improve blood flow. It’s still prescribed by cardiologists today.

History: We know the Latin name was coined in 1542 by botanist Leonhart Fuchs, for whom Fuchsia is named. But the much older common name “foxglove” has no clear origin; theories include ponderings on fairies, thimbles, musical bells and witches.

Literature: “Everything that’s happened fits like a bee in a foxglove.” – Fiver, Watership Down by Richard Adams

Show your customers some love with a gift of heart-warming beauty and sturdy performance. Candy is dandy, but foxgloves last longer. They come in fast-finishing 72-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

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