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Groundcover Gains for 2024

Groundcover Gains for 2024

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on Jul 24th 2023

Known variously as creeping phlox or moss phlox, early flowering Phlox subulata is a familiar friend, often among the first blooms of spring. Its cheerful, five-petaled blooms crawl over slopes and spill over walls, providing a welcome blanket of color to winter-weary gardens and gardeners.We hear you: It’s hard to even imagine spring, let alone plan for it, while the dog days are raging, hot, and humid. But this really is the time to do just that.A crop of Phlox subulata planted in late summer/
Some Like it Cool - Part 2 (Aquilegia)

Some Like it Cool - Part 2 (Aquilegia)

Posted by John Friel on Nov 17th 2022

Energy Efficient Early Perennials – Columbine “And the eagle flies with the dove.” – Stephen StillsYou know “cool crops” as a description of certain annuals that don’t need (or like) lots of heat to finish for spring sales. Well, it’s not just for annuals anymore. Pick the right early flowering perennials, and you can realize significant energy savings. If you like your benches full and your heating bills low, we’ve got the perfect perennials for you. Aquilegia is a prime early bloomer, a t

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