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The Age of the Artisan- Echinacea xhybrida Artisan™ Collection

The Age of the Artisan- Echinacea xhybrida Artisan™ Collection

Posted by John Friel on Jan 20th 2021

An artisan is one who brings both finely-honed skill and heartfelt creativity to bear on what they make. The breeders of the Artisan coneflower collection deserve the title.

These are the first true F1 hybrids from seed, meaning multiple ready dates are possible. And they’re just flat-out good-looking plants with all the right qualities: Heavy flowering, compact, and uniform in flower for consistent cropping. 

Artisan Red Ombre


Rich red daisies age to subtle antique shades for a multicolor presentation.

Artisan Soft Orange


Single flowers open deep orange, softening as they mature for a pleasing blend of hues.

Both varieties stand 16 – 28” tall for great gallon presentation. Hardy in Zones 5 – 9. 

Get creative! Apply your own growing craftsmanship for a beautifully curated show at retail. It starts with robust 72-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – the easy choice!

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