Every ornamental grass makes a garden statement.

The Royal Collection issues proclamations.

It’s time to plant big, bold, fast-growing, traffic-stopping Royal Collection grasses – and stand back, these varieties don’t dawdle!

Royal Pennisetum varieties thrive on warm weather and full sun. Nobly bred by award-winning Dr. Wayne Hanna, these bold black beauties fill big-ticket containers with remarkable style and speed.

Lined up by height for a Royal Family portrait, they’d arrange themselves thusly:

In the back row, ‘Prince’PP18509, Noble and MajesticPP25518 stand tallest at 6’ and up.




Next come Princess CarolinePP21464, First KnightPP25515 and Royal LadyPP25514 in the 4 – 5 ' range. First Knight unsheathes the broadest blades in the realm, brandishing rich, black leaves with ruby midribs.

'Princess Caroline'

'First Knight'

'Royal Lady'

Finally, in the front row, mugging for the camera: ‘Princess’PP17728 and Regal PrincessPP25517 stand shoulder-to-shoulder at a cute (but still substantial) 3 – 4’.


'Regal Princess'

From the formal grounds of Tudor mansions to the simplest summer cottage, every garden welcomes the royal touch. Make haste! Make way! Make a bundle!

Get your  Royal Collection Pennisetum in fast-finishing 38s from Emerald Coast Growers – the easy choice – and stand back!