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Astilbe ~ Be Still My Heart!

Astilbe ~ Be Still My Heart!

Posted by Emerald Coast Growers on May 12th 2023

This perennial is anything but traditional and every bit a classic.Easy growing and elegant, Astilbe lights up shade gardens with beautifully vibrant, eye-catching spires. Rather than one solid flower, colorful plumes are clusters of blooms that open gradually for a feathery effect along the spike. This unique structure inspires the common name, false spirea.Tooth-edged compound leaves are a perfect pairing to the showy blooms, with their bright green tones often brushed in bronze. Blooms persis
Please, Use the Pseudonyms - (Salvia nemorosa April Night & May Night)

Please, Use the Pseudonyms - (Salvia nemorosa April Night & May Night)

Posted by John Friel on Jan 22nd 2021

Salvia nemorosa May Night ranks among the most famous names in all perennialdom. But that well-known name isn’t its real name: Technically, it’s ‘Mainacht’, which means the same thing in German.In either language, it’s prized for its long-flowering stands of deep purple-blue spikes. Way back in 1997 it won the prestigious Perennial Plant of the Year award from the Perennial Plant Association. May Night loves to flower so much, it demands extra attention in propagation to root and branch – an iss

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