Acorus Line


Duct tape. A screwdriver. Bacon. Acorus gramineus.


What are four versatile home problem-solvers?

Acorus can’t patch your canoe, open paint cans or make everything it touches delicious.

But it can beautify just about any moist spot in your garden -- sunny, shady or in-between. Duct tape can’t fix that.

It looks great in containers, too. How pretty is a pot full of screwdrivers?

The common name “sweet flag” refers to the scent given off when the foliage is bruised. OK, bacon wins this one. Nothing smells better than bacon. 

Here’s our Acorus line. We offer four varieties, all with strong similarities and delicious differences, and all hardy at least to Zone 5. Despite their grass-like appearance, they’re not true grasses.


The tongue-twisting name reveals the genus’ Asian origins. Green and gold variegation. Height 10 – 12”.


Ours is an improvement over others sold by the same name because ours is pure yellow, not striped. But! it’s not new, it’s the original. The stripey ones are Johnny-come-lately impostors. Ours is the genuine, 24-karat real deal. Height 6 – 10”.

 ‘Pusillus Minimus Aureus’

This tiny, low-growing groundcover is deceptively dainty-looking, but it’s sturdy enough for occasional light foot traffic. Height: Just 4”.


Creamy white variegation makes a stunning contrast to brighten dim sites. Height 10 – 12”.

Bonus Question

An early form of now-familiar duct tape was first used to seal ammo boxes in which world war?

Yep, WWII.

Don’t leave spring sales in jeopardy. Whatever your category – sun, shade, container or border – you’ll find the answer in fast-finishing liners from Emerald Coast Growers. We’re your easy choice!