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BUT WAIT! THERE’S MOOR! Sesleria Caerulea

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MOOR! Sesleria Caerulea

Posted by John Friel on Dec 15th 2020

If you grow ornamental grasses – and if not, what are you waiting for? – you probably know Sesleria autumnalis, a.k.a. “Autumn moor grass.” But have you met its equally-pretty, equally-hardy cousin Sesleria caerulea? Let us introduce you. A Scandinavian native, S. caerulea stands a cute, compact 8 – 12” tall. It’s hardy in Zones 4 – 7. 

“Blue moor grass” blooms in spring, with small purple panicles that mature to silvery green. The slender blades are glaucous blue on top, deep green below. And there’s a twist – literally: Those blades, arranged in neat dense tuffets, naturally take on a subtle spiral that shows both sides simultaneously for a nifty two-tone effect.

Fun Fact: It’s remarkable how many physicians of antiquity were also deeply immersed in the natural sciences. The name Sesleria honors 18th Century Venetian physician and botanist Leonardo Sesler, who studied European flora and had a private botanic garden. Does your local GP have a whole grass genus named after him?

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